“I have entered my garden, my treasure, my bride. I gather myrrh with my spices and eat honeycomb with my honey. I drink wine with my milk.” Song of songs 5:1

The truth of the new covenant is to set us free to love God and others with our whole heart.

The garden of our heart has been enriched with the new covenant soil of Christ and the finished work of the cross. Within every believer there has been planted the power of the resurrection and the faith of Christ. We can now abide in Christ because he abides in us.We now have the faith to respond to the grace of God because he has given us His faith.

Here in the Song of songs is the promise of the new covenant whispered to us from the lover of our heart.

Firstly, it is myrrh that speaks of the death of Christ as the invitation to grace. It was myrrh that was presented to the baby in the manger which pointed to a future day of deliverance and grace. The bridegroom comes to gather myrrh from the garden of your heart. For your heart has been immersed into the death and resurrection of Christ. The fruit of your heart is now new life in Christ.

Secondly within your heart is the harvest of milk and honey. The communion of Christ, new manna and new wine are now flowing inside your heart. Your heart is the Promised Land of God, it is flourishing with the abundant produce of God’s provision, alive with the promises of God given to you to heal, restore, guide, keep, protect and fill you with all good things in Christ.

For in your New Covenant life the delight of God has been birthed into your heart, the desire of God is now the motivation of your heart, you have been set free to love and you have been planted into the promises of God.