“Oh, lover and beloved, eat and drink. Yes, drink deeply of your love.” Song of songs 5:1

To lose heart is to lose everything.

One of the most amazing invitations of Jesus is “if anyone is thirsty , let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me , as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7 37:38. It is from the deep thirst of our hearts that our desire and passion is met. The promise of Christ to us is that once we meet him we will never thirst again.

The lie that Satan has placed and taken root in our hearts is that God in Christ is holding out on us, that we have only been given a measure and that his grace is dependant upon our thirst.

The truth is we have been given the fullness of Christ, that our hearts have been immersed into the death and resurrection of Jesus and his Holy Spirit flows within us like a mighty river.

Here in Song of songs the bride invites the bridegroom to come and drink deeply of the love within her heart. The love within her is the love given and placed by her lover. The love they share is the intimate love of each other, birthed and planted in the garden of the heart.

God is constantly calling us to drink more deeply of the love that he has poured into us. To recover the intimacy, beauty and wonder of a life filled with God. To drink deeply of his new life already within us.

New Covenant life is found in enjoying the wonder of adventure in intimate delight with a lover who has immersed us into his river of grace.

You don’t have to thirst anymore you can now drink deeply.