“Open to me my treasure, my darling, my dove, my perfect one. My head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night.” Song of songs 5:2

Within our hearts there is a treasure of truth. A treasure stored inside the garden of our belief system that cries out with passion and desire to be embraced. It yearns to be watered with the dew of heaven and it longs to be drenched with the victory of the cross.

The Holy Spirit calls out in our hearts that without Christ something is missing, that without Christ we are incomplete but in Christ all our desires have been met.

For above all else the Christian life is a love affair of the heart.

From the beginning of time God’s connection with mankind has been a heart connection. Every drop of dew that watered the garden of Eden each morning was a droplet of the grace of God poured out through the Holy Spirit. It was a physical demonstration of an inward reality.

The perfect son of God has in the New Covenant planted and rooted his abundant life into the good soil of your heart. You have become a field of harvest for all the ripe fruit of heaven. Your heart now lives in the eternal season of God’s favour.

You are nurtured, nourished and protected by the power of the Holy Spirit alive in you. Your heart is never disconnected from God and the spiritual rebirth of your heart produces the lavish fruit you need to sustain the rest of your life.

God has got hold of you and he will not let you go.