“Kiss and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine.” Song of songs 1:1

Love is expressed with a kiss, it is conveyed with passion and it is offered in sacrifice.

Psalm 85:11 tells us “righteousness and peace have kissed.”

The kiss of the bridegroom is sweeter than wine. It is the intoxication of your heart, the banquet of grace that your heart desires. For your lover comes to intoxicate your heart with his love.

For you are the delight of God’s heart and with his kiss your heart is opened up to the passion of heaven. With his kiss righteousness and peace have been placed inside your heart.

It is here in the garden of our heart that we learn in time to trust his kiss. We begin to believe his love and trust his commitment to us. To rely on his words of grace spoken over our lives.

His kiss to us creates a burning passion that only his embrace will suffice. For we were created to know, feel, experience and revel in his love.

Your heart was created to respond to the love of Christ.