“How pleasing is your fragrance .” Song of songs 1:2

In every persons heart lies a longing for connection, a desire to be cherished.

The deepest part of our heart truly knows that to be complete we have to live in the fullness of our creation.

God is constantly drawing us to him, his Holy Spirit is a rich fragrance that fills our senses with his rich embrace.

The discovery of this divine aroma awakens our hearts to the endless possibilities of life in Christ. It is realising that heaven has invaded your heart, is changing your beliefs and igniting your passion.

In every unguarded moment the Holy Spirit is working inside us revealing to us our beauty, our righteousness and our value to God through Christ.

It is this deep experience of divine love that draws us onward and keeps us safe.

For in Christ you have been found, taken in, embraced and held. His love alive in you is there to invigorate you with heaven and intensify the divine. Heaven has birthed itself in you and God’s will has been planted into you.