“Your name is like the spreading fragrance of scented oils no wonder the young women love you ” Song of songs 1:3

God is looking for you. His fragrance is the spreading love that is reaching out to captivate your heart.

You don’t have to look for him he is drawing you.

He is awakening your heart to his love and the treasure of his grace. The spreading intoxicating fragrance of heaven is immersing you with the promise of his delight.

But the tragedy of our hearts is that we often settle for what we have instead of entering into all God has provided.

We settle in a place called perhaps.

Perhaps God will come through, perhaps he won’t, perhaps God will show up, perhaps he won’t. Perhaps God will be good to me, perhaps he won’t.

It is here in the realm of reason that we plant the seeds of unbelief in our hearts. It is where we can trust the faithfulness of God’s promises or doubt his goodness.

But God continues with us , he stays faithful, committed, trustworthy, he ministers his grace into our hearts.

He is our cloud of provision and our pillar of fire. And we are his priceless jewel, his unswerving delight.