“Take me with you come let’s run! The King has brought me into his bedroom.” Song of songs 1:4

The story of your heart is a discovery that God has taken you into his bedroom, he desires to share his most intimate moments with you and awaken your senses to the glory of his love.

For this love that has been planted in your heart is an intimacy beyond your wildest imagination. It is a reflection of the love that upholds the universe, it is a love birthed in infinite desire and consumed in intimate delight. It is the perfect love in the perfect relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is a love that longs to be shared and enjoyed. Boundless in its nature, relentless in its giving, fathomnless in its appreciation and bottomless in its dedication.

It is a love that bears all things, believes all things, endures all thing and is totally and utterly faithful.

It is a love that goes beyond doubt and failure and is captured in tiny glimpses in times of uttermost despair and disappointment.

Throughout history our Father’s tries to help us understand this love and in a tiny phrase to a chosen people who have constantly and relentlessly rejected his love for him and crafted their own hand made God’s forged from the mind and desires of their lusts, he writes from his heart, “Oh, how can I give up on you , Israel? How can I let you go?….My heart is torn within me, and my compassion overflows.” Hosea 11:8.

It is God’s overwhelming love that rips his heart apart, his overflowing compassion that works through his grace.

And this is the love that invites us into the intimate chamber of comsumation, the love that invites us into a romance of discovery, a love so immense, so intense, so fierce that it refuses to let failure, doubt, and lust stand in its way

The invitation is to run and embrace this all consuming love and let it take root and flourish in the garden of your heart.