“How happy we are for you, O King. We praise your love even more than wine.”- Song of songs 1:4

You would think that God who created the universe, who set the earth in motion and put each star in its place would want to control all things. Often we hear preachers and ministers tell us that God is in control and whether you believe this is absolute control or partial control there is one element in his creation he cannot control. That is the love that flows from your heart. God cannot control where you give your love.

It is here in the mystery of love that we connect with the reality of our desire. For our hearts longing is the declaration of our true affection.

And here in the garden of our heart is the foundation of our deepest problem and that root that was created in love is the freedom to love.

For with the freedom to love comes the reason for evil. Freedom opens the door to love whatever our heart desires.

The lie of evil was and is that God is not good, he is withholding life from you and that you have got to take things into your own hands.

For our freedom is established in our passion to delight in our Father’s goodness or our belief that God does not want us.

Our response is ultimately founded in the delight of our heart. For to be found in the depths of his love is far better than to be satisfied with all the world can offer.

Love surpasses wine.

God desires your love, he longs for the intimacy of your heart, for your cries of passion.

For from the fountain of his love flows everlasting joy and streams of living peace.