For someone today:-

God has placed you for a specific time and a specific purpose
Let God open up the doors you need
Let God open up the path for you
Just as a brick is placed into a wall
You have been placed to make the wall strong and make you strong
Don’t be afraid of the disappointments that you feel they are tuning your heart to deeper depths of embracing Gods love for there is a time arriving that you will be filled with unreasonable joy.
Joy is in you, joy is bubbling up inside you and those disappointments are not the focus of your value and acceptance to God.

Go outside and take a look at a wall, look at a brick in the wall. See how secure it is . Each brick is cemented and strong in the wall.
Today you are secure in Christ
You are cemented into Christ
You are cemented into the grace of God
You are held and safe.
You have been made strong able to stand against the storms of life.

Today see yourself as strong
See yourself alive to Christ.
Your disappointments are being turned into a highway of joy.