“You are as exciting, my darling, as a mare among Pharaoh’s chariot horses. ” Song of songs 1:9

The glory of God cannot be extinguished.

Before the foundations of the world the plan and purpose of God was to radiate his glory through his creation. The pinnacle of his creation was you and the pinnacle of Christ was his death and resurrection that reconciled you into the New Covenant.

In Christ you are now a new creation.

Your heart was created to live in the glory of God.

Solomon captures in this verse the trap of the world that entices us. The constant temptation to identify with Pharaoh and let the influence of others gain control over our mind and slowly extinguish the glory of our creation.

John saw how this influence affected the heart of the believer. In 1 John he finishes his letter by encouraging us to put away all idols, that would rise up and draw us away from the freedom and living union we have in Christ. It is not that Christ leaves us, it is not that Christ draws away or hides or is silent. It is that we start to fill our hearts with other things and these things become our idols.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and the glory of God is the deliverance that has set your heart free to enjoy the delight of heaven, don’t let your experience of God be diluted and diminished by filling your heart with idols.

For whoever the Son sets free is eternally free.