For someone today:-

Road signs
Words spoken and placed over your life have become a road sign
Opinions expressed over you have become your road sign
The influence of others has become the limit of the road sign over you.
Today God has removed the road sign.
God has set you free from the restrictions of others over your life
So don’t go looking for the road sign of restriction.
Don’t anticipate that restriction
Don’t remember the restriction
God has set you free to soar into all God has given you.

Readjust your settings, for although God has removed the road sign it might take you time to adjust to start to live in the freedom.
But as you adjust to the truth your experience will start to live in the truth of what has happened.
Let the truth of God flood your life
Let the Holy Spirit work in you
Open your heart to all God has given you

God has removed those restrictions that were stopping you to move forward.
His opinion of you is the only true opinion.
He is your truth, your way and your life.