“Like the finest apple tree in the Orchard, is my lover among the young men.” Song of songs 2:3

The enticement of sin is that it turns evil into the normal.

Our hearts dulled by the onslaught of evil slowly resign themselves to accepting darkness as normal.

For it is in this resignation of death that we accept sickness, lack, captivity, bondage and oppression as part of life and accept it’s influence on creation.

The Orchard of life is filled with the numerous trees of opportunity and in the midst of the Orchard is the tree of everlasting life. The magnificent finest tree of grace.

It’s fruit is offered to us in Christ’s abundant victory, it is a fruit of boldness and courage, adorned in beauty.

Sins enticement is forever dulled and eternally dismissed in the wonderous, scandalous finished work of Christ.

Choose to eat from the fruit of Christ.

Choose to see the goodness of God as the normal.

Choose to focus on the finished work of Christ.

Because he has drawn himself to you, He has sought you out and he has found you.

He abides in you, see yourself abiding in him and let his love and delight in you entice you into accepting his love and righteousness within you as the normal.

The power of Christ in you is your normal.