“He escorts me to his banquet Hall, it’s obvious how much he loves me.” Song of songs 2:4

Grace makes the love of God obvious.

Grace brings us into a place where we hear the Father’s voice.

Grace takes is into the realm of our identity.

Grace stresses the freeness of God’s giving, that he gives just because of his heart of love not because we have somehow earned it!

And this banquet is without stipulations or requirements. It is without charge or payment . It is given to us with no strings attached .

Christ escorts us into the treasure chamber of the riches of heaven and gives us all his good gifts.

It is so wondrous, bountiful, it is an open demonstration of his delight and desire in us.

God’s grace is his eternal declaration of his love.

And how do we tell God we love him?

By living in the fullness of his grace.

By feasting on his rich provision, by believing in his promises, and by delighting in his grace we tell God I accept your love and I want to delight in you forever.