“Ah, I hear my lover coming! He is leaping over the mountains bounding over the hills. ” Song of songs 2:8

Jesus was born to deliver those in captivity from their oppression.

His coming was a declaration that God’s love always triumphs over judgement.

He desperately tried to demonstrate the love of God to a chosen people locked into to a business contract with God. He tried to make them see outside of the contract so they could free themselves from its binding clauses and obligations .

He went in to their business center and chucked out the debt enforcers, he broke their working agreement and healed people on the agreed day of no work, he refused their sick pay provision and healed every one who was held by its defaulted clauses and he sat with those who were marginalised, rejected and abused by its impossible perfect conditions.

In what seemed to be random acts of compassion, he acted out of a heart of mercy to declare that the essence of God is love, freedom for the oppressed and release for those held captive.

But it was on a lonely mountain top in the presence of a few of his close companions that Jesus revealed his true nature and in this act he declared the majesty and brilliance of a New Covenant.

For the transfiguration on the mount was much more than just a one off event it was a revealing to mankind of the glory of God alive in human flesh, it was a revealing of the New Birth of a totally New Creation, the physical demonstration of heaven kissing earth. Everlasting love alive in flesh .

For every New Creation is connected to the power of heaven and is made right with God. Each has been set free and delivered from the reign of sickness and death.

And today this is the declaration of God. That through the death of Jesus we are now reconciled to God and that God is not counting our sins against us. We are forgiven and the choice we are given is to receive it and trust it or ignore it and reject it.