“My lover is like a swift gazelle or a young stag. Look there he is behind the wall, looking trough the window, peering into the room.” Song of songs 2:9

The lie that we are given by the world and the lie Satan has feed us is that God does not want us. That we find value and acceptance for our lives by abiding in the security of our own divinity. That to be like God we must be our own God.

So we settle in the land of fear, shame, lust, anger and guilt and worship our own God’s of immediate gratification, self reliance and individual enlightenment.

And Christ looks at us from behind the walls that we have built and reaches out to us as we struggle with emotions that cripple our heart. Consumed with grief, abandonment, disappointment, loneliness, misconnection and detachment.

It is in the puzzle of our helplessness that God reached out to us. For God did not wait until we got it right. He did not wait until one of his chosen kept his law perfectly. He did not wait until we turned to him. He came when we were held in the captivity we had created. He came when we were trapped in the prison we had made. He came when we had said no to him, but He had said yes to us!

In our stubborn resistance we had turned to answers in our own hand crafted God’s.

Christ came to declare to us that his death is now our resurrection. His old life is now our new life. His sinless life is now our New Creation life. Our old life died with him on the cross, our new life was raised with him and he has delivered us from all the consequences of sin.