“One night as I lay in bed, I yearned for my lover. I yearned for him but he did not come.” Song of songs 3:1

Life is a journey into the delight of God.

Everything we encounter begins with eyes to see and ears to hear.

It is perhaps our greatest tragedy when we fail to see things as they truly are.

Death, loss, damage, iloslation, separation all cloud the radiance of love. And the question that sometimes haunts us as we yearn for answers is does believing make any difference at all?

Here in the middle of tragedy we can dimly see the drama of God’s redemption.

It is often not just a longing that obscures our view but a focus on our circumstances instead of God’s answer.

And God’s answer is that you have new life in Christ. That you died with Christ and you were raised into his resurrected new life.

We sometimes feel that God is not coming without realising that he has already arrived.

Life in Christ is an awakening to the resurrected life now alive in you.