“So I said to myself, “I will get up and roam the city, searching in all its streets and squares. I will search for the one I love.” Song of songs 3:2

We live in the moment, we breathe each breath in the present , every heart beat is an affirmation of life.

The time is now.

The great patriarch of old a man called Abraham wasn’t wandering about looking for the one true God. God appeared to him, unexpectedly and offered him an amazing invitation. A choice to up sticks and go or stay in the land of Haran.

This choice for Abraham was one of emense proportions for at its heart it meant leaving behind all that had brought him life. He turned away from every familiar place, every thing that had bought him wealth, every thing that had bought him security and every thing that gave him love. To journey into the unknown and new life offered to him by God in a promise.

Abraham faced the same choice that we face everyday to turn our hearts away from all that would attach us and to turn our hearts towards the promise.

For if your heart is truly to be free it needs to detach itself from all influences and awaken its self to the promises of God.

For Abraham had no plan, no map, and no planned out itinerary. He just had the promise of God.

It is here in Abraham that we can see that life is not to be managed but lived. We can’t remove all dangers, we cannot forsee all the twists and turns, we cannot fear the future by managing our circumstances. But we can place our trust in the promise that God holds us and is faithful to his promises.

It is here in the heart that we know God offers us all things and that as we detach our hearts from all that would pull us back we find that God is there holding us.