“So I searched for him but did not find him. The watchmen stopped me as they made their rounds and I asked “Have you seen the one I love? ” Song of songs 3:3

We are all faced with a choice to either seize control of our own destiny or enter into a deeper realisation of the love of God .

This choice is no more evident than in the search for love. It is here in the realm of our emotions and feelings that we make fashion our own God’s in a heart response to discover true value and acceptance.

God knew the enchantment of sin would entice his chosen people away from his love for them. Just before they would cross the river Jordan to enter the Promised Land he warned them “Do not bring any detestable objects into your home, for then you will be destroyed, just like them.”

God knew that what you see every day, what you accept as normal, begins to cloud your heart and starts to make God seem distant.

For sins enchantment is that it make evil normal.

God is never distant from us, he never draws away from us, we draw away from him when foreign God’s of worldly wisdom, worldly diagnosis and worldly enlightenment creep into our thinking. But there is also a more subtle foreign God that of religion. When we start to make God fit our plans by our self effort and performance.

Love is not found in self effort it is found in intimacy.

Love bears all things, it is found in a heart of compassion and mercy.

Love is the oil that runs through your heart. It has been poured out into your New Creation life. You are a fountain of the very love of Christ in your Spirit. Don’t let the world seep into your thinking and into your heart and enchant you into believing the world’s diagnosis of your life.